Laundry Equipment


The leading resource for commercial laundry equipment, parts and service.
Ever since there’s been a commercial laundry industry, Quick Clean has been the go-to source for equipment, expertise and innovation. With years of experience, we’ve solved just about every laundry issue you can imagine. Whatever your business goals, we can provide everything you need to achieve success – and an array of advantages you can’t get anywhere else.


For entrepreneurs like you, quality laundromat equipment and trusted local service is key to success.
Our Laundromat representatives have years of experience planning, implementing and supporting laundry businesses of all kinds. We can help with every aspect of your business, from location, equipment selection, store layout and décor to venting, plumbing, gas and wiring. It’s all about maximizing your income, ensuring customer satisfaction, and putting your Laundromat in a position to grow and prosper.

Hotel Laundry

We’ll make your job easier and your program more efficient.
At Quick Clean, we support the on-premise laundry programs of countless businesses and institutions – including hotels, motels, athletic facilities, hospitals and beauty salons and many others. We provide the highest quality, most efficient commercial laundry equipment from the top manufacturers, and a wide range of services to make your on-premise program a success. We can help you design a new laundry facility, renovate an existing one, set up and install your equipment, and provide the fast reliable service you need to keep things running smoothly.
Health Care Laundry
In healthcare institutions where infection outbreaks can put lives on the line, why risk contamination?
  • Gain full control over your linen hygiene.
  • Get the peace of mind that external suppliers can’t provide
  • 100% hygiene control – no room for compromise
  • Maximum linen hygiene control with intelligent technologies, easy programming and unique features – e.g. Hygiene Watch Dog
  • Efficient and ergonomic work flow thanks to outstanding machine design
  • Highest productivity and trouble-free operation due to intelligent, user-friendly technologies and robust construction
  • Total linen process and cost control with Certus ManagementTM Information System
  • Greater service flexibility – worldwide linen hygiene expertise and unique service network

Equipment Sales

The best commercial washers & dryers for your operation.
Let’s face it. You can get high-quality commercial laundry equipmentfrom many suppliers. Why buy from Quick Clean? First, we’ve got everything you need – a wide range of brand name Energy Star® rated coin and card operated machines such as Electrolux and Travel, the latest card payment systems, ancillary equipment, and more. And we support those offerings with competitive pricing, easy ordering, timely delivery, and quick response to your issues. Our approach has made us one of leading distributor of commercial laundry products that minimize water and energy use. Whether you’re looking to run an efficient on-premise laundry program, open a profitable Laundromat, or begin any other laundry venture, we’ve got you covered.