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Life is too short to waste it on laundry!

Let us do that for you while you enjoy life and save up on your utility bill!

Laundry Lounge- UAE’s first self operated laundry service. Drop by and get your laundry done within 1 hour. While your laundry gets done, enjoy our free WiFi, take a stroll in the park nearby or enjoy a cup of coffee from our lounge! Because we just made laundry an enjoyable experience.
One hour laundry
You do the heavy lifting like enjoying a latte, or even something strenuous like reading a book, or mundane like catching up with friend and family on social media. At Laundry Lounge we do the easy stuff! What’s 8 kilos of dirty laundry, washed and dried in 1 hour! Affordable Pricing for 8KG load of clothes! And you don’t have to waste your time doing any of it! Relax, enjoy the coffee and free wifi at Laundry Lounge! Cross laundry off from your to-do list. Drop by at Laundry Lounge and drink a cappuccino or work on your laptop while your clothes are washed and dried in just one hour! Hassle-free payment options only at Laundry Lounge! Get your recharge cards now with various packages such as the individual plan, family plan or mega plan!
Cross laundry